It's surprising how much pleasure comes from the simple things in life. And for us, cleaning homes is just one of those things. Our passion for cleaning is something that is hard for most people to believe or understand until they see it in action. We're not sure where this passion came from but we're not complaining, and neither are our customers. The benefits of having a proper and full cleaning in your home living space are numerous. Our clients have reported to us everything from allergy relief to happier guests. 

We've realized that we not only clean homes and create comfortable environments, but we also provide you with extra time to do whatever you like and that's a benefit you can certainly appreciate and one we're happy to provide.

Click on the link in the top right corner to email us directly for costs, questions, and quotes. While we're not able to provide exact pricing without seeing the residence or beginning work, we're happy to give you our most accurate guess before we arrive. Prices typically range from $80 (recurrent cleanings for smaller sized, clutter-free studios) to $300 for larger stand alone homes requiring a more involved clean). Size isn't everything. The more objects (we see you, clutter) present in the home along with a longer time frame between your home's last cleaning, will increase the time spent working hard to perfect it. This will likely lead to a higher cost, so feel free to shoot us an email describing your needs and we will get back with you right away. We'll offer our suggestions but at the end of the day, it's YOUR home, have it cleaned the way YOU want.